The media block information

Media block information

Researchers, historians and other muzzled whistleblowers.

How to explain such a stranglehold on information?

Nowadays, we no longer burn forbidden books, yet curiously in our hyper-informed society, nothing is easier than making information disappear, simply by hiding it in the media.
To be convinced of this, it is enough to read the testimonies of the most recognized academics such as Antony C. Sutton, British economist and historian, researcher at Stanford and professor at UCLA who was one of the first, in the 1960s, to reveal the part played by American bankers and industrialists in Hitler’s accession to power and the war effort of the Third Reich, or Alice Teichova, professor at the University of East Anglia at Girton College in Cambridge and at the School of Economics and Political Science of London, who traced the British and European ramifications of the Nazi financial system in Europe, or Adam Tooze, a teacher at Yale, who revealed the truth about the German economy in the interwar period, Edwin Black who exposed IBM’s predominant role in the conduct of the war and the Holocaust, or Joseph Borkin who dared to attack the crimes of IG Farben, that is to say the Standard Oil company of J.D. Rockefeller Junior. All of them, like many of their “revisionist” university colleagues, had to undergo constant and varied pressures, as Sutton testifies:

“Despite their Constitution and its supposed constraints, the United States has become a quasi-totalitarian state. If the external signs of the dictatorship are not yet visible and the concentration camps and other agents of power knocking on our door at midnight are not our daily life, the critics of the establishment are nevertheless the object of threat. Actions are taken against them, such as the use of tax services to bring dissidents into line, or the manipulation of the Constitution by a judicial system subordinate to this elite. (-) Through publishing houses controlled by this same financial elite, embarrassing books go by the wayside and “useful” books are put forward. (-) The overall result of this manipulation of society by the Establishment has been the outbreak of four major wars in 60 years, a crushing national debt, the abandonment of the constitution, the suppression of freedom and opportunity , and the creation of a huge chasm of credibility between the man in the street and his political leaders.

Anthony Sutton

The transparent device of two main parties trumpeting artificial differences, conventions worthy of circus games, and the cliché of more partisan foreign policy, is no longer credible at all. And the financial elite, which itself recognizes that its policy does not win the support of the public, is obviously ready to go its own way, without the symbolic support of this public. The proofs brought by the revisionist historians constitute the stop of this debate, the bases of our accusations of subversion. Slowly, over decades, book after book, virtually line after line, the truth of recent history emerges as documents are published, examined, analyzed, and organized into a more valid historical framework. (Antony Sutton – Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler).

This text dates from 1976. However, forty years later the situation has not changed an inch, on the contrary getting worse. Thus, in 2013, in Canada this time, the historian Jacques Pauwels, of the University of Toronto, complained about the same obstacles silently opposed to the freedom of information by these few lines in conclusion of his book: “The history , that’s rubbish,” Henry Ford once said. Big Business has the money to get the books written and distributed widely. This work is put together by hand-picked authors whose companies can expect sympathy and understanding, and these authors know what is expected of them in return for lavish fees. In these books, therefore, there is usually no mention at all of potentially unpleasant themes. We can qualify these works as “antiseptics”. In the more or less official histories of large American companies, for example, there is almost never any mention of the role of their subsidiaries in Germany during the war. (-) Antiseptic studies have been produced on behalf of Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Krupp, Allianz, Daimler-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Degussa, Dresdner Bank, Flick and Bertelsmann. It is no coincidence that such authors have no difficulty in quickly finding a major publishing house willing to publish their work.
Jacques Pauwels

The overwhelming majority of large American and German publishing houses are either gigantic corporations and therefore bona fide members of Big Business, or owned by holding companies whose large corporations own large portfolios of shares. Manuscripts of critical studies are almost always refused by these publishers. Books in which delicate subjects are avoided, or skilfully justified, can on the other hand be found for weeks on end in the windows of large bookstores which, very often, are subsidiaries or associates of large publishing houses. Critical studies are generally difficult, if not impossible, to find in these bookstores. And this phenomenon is beginning to spread in Europe. Large publishing houses linked to big business, which publishes non-critical studies with large circulation, can afford this service. (Jacques Pauwels Big business with Hitler).

Which makes it possible to forget the recommendations of the most eminent representatives of this respectable profession:

“The writing of history consists of an endless revision of the past. The actual reality of history demands to be considered along with its possibilities” John Lukacs

“Any truth is good for the historian to say, even and especially that which upsets prejudices, clashes with received ideas or partisan interests.” Raymond Aron

And those of some reasonable men:

“Wherever chance seems to operate on the surface, it is always under the sway of hidden internal laws, and it is only a question of discovering them.” Friedrich Engels

For the real plot of the media and publishers under the orders of Big Black Capital was not to forbid revisionist historians and intellectuals to work, but to appear to be disinterested in their work, to relegate them to the dustbins of information and , at best, to only mention them in “elitist” television programs, or in documentaries broadcast at the most advanced hours of the night.

Because everyone has always known that:

“Whoever has control of the past,” said the Party’s slogan, “has control of the future.” Whoever has control of the present has control of the past” 1984 George Orwell

and that the “Lower People” must be kept in ignorance.

What awaits us tomorrow

What awaits us tomorrow

In October 2017, the Institute of International Finance published the official figures for the debt that big international capital had accumulated: 237,000 billion dollars.
That is 192,000 billion euros, or more than three times the annual economic activity of the planet. So more than $30,000 per inhabitant, including newborns, old people and the billion people who live on less than €1 a day.
Figures of course on the rise in 2018 and which were already estimated at 250,000 billion dollars. In addition, the amount of bank derivatives in the world had exceeded 1,500,000 billion dollars, or more than 1,000 times the value of gold held by all central banks in the world (1,400 billion $). Which, in the event of a crash, represented a total liability of approximately two million billion dollars. That is about 2500 times the world GDP (estimated at $80,000 billion for 2018)!
At the same time, the capital of the major global banks only represented between 0.15% and 0.6% of their commitments on these derivatives.

Thus, for each asset, the bill was that much higher, and increased by about a trillion dollars a year.
To get an idea of ​​this speed, think that in the United States alone, between 1776 and 2006, it had reached 8,000 billion, and that it only took eleven years for it to be multiplied by 2.5. .
Snowball effect which explains how, during his two terms, Barack Obama will have succeeded in creating more debt than all the forty-three former American presidents since George Washington!
And yet, all this remains abstract. This is why a few words of explanation on the consequences of this madness will not be too much.

First, as everyone will have understood, the debt will never be repaid, which means that millions of shareholders will find themselves ruined during the greatest financial crash of all time.
So let’s imagine this catastrophic scenario, which is impossible to predict, but as it could occur on an indefinite date…

For starters, governments will continue to pretend they have the solution for a while longer by printing more money, which will only amplify the problem.

Then they will reverse which will lead to hyperinflation, with interest rates reaching 15-20%.
And we see that in 2018 the process has just begun with Wall Street moving away from zero rate lending.
As for real estate loans in France, in June 2018, they posted a rate of 1.7%, while in the USA, they exceeded 4.6% (FED key rate at 2%)…
So soon central banks will lose control over their manipulation of interest rates. And it is only then that the real difficulties will begin…

First, as debt implodes, all bubble assets will collapse. Stocks, bonds and real estate will decline 80-100%.
Either what happened between 1929 and 1932, when the Dow Jones fell by 90%, between 2000 and 2002 when the Nasdaq declined by 80%, or between 2007-2010 when the subprime crisis “surprised” even the secretary to the US Treasury, Mr. Bear Stearns who, by disconnecting Lehman Brothers and its 660 billion in commitments, thought that the shock could be absorbed.
Fatal error which led in a few days to the fall of AIG, the largest insurance company in the world, and then the rest of the structure.
The only difference with what might be expected is that during these three major crashes global debt was lower, and asset bubbles much lower. This made it possible to settle the crisis of 1929 at the cost of the Second World War.
On the other hand, the last two did not solve the fundamental problem, but simply placed some patches to try to remedy the immediate effects, – patches which will blow with the repeal of the Dodd-Frank law and the policy of world economic war desired by Trump – the debt would only increase, but with an exponential effect!
Indeed, if we consider only the 2008 crisis, the economic and financial planet which had generated a debt of 140,000 billion dollars, was saved by a fiscal stimulus policy which enabled global growth to rebound, without however, generate high inflation, since the trend was deflationary.

Moreover, thanks to the action of central banks which flood the markets with liquidity, long-term interest rates have not increased, and have even fallen, sometimes reaching zero or even negative levels. The recovery therefore benefited from a perfect context: low inflation, ultra-accommodative monetary policies and excessively low government bond interest rates.
The problem is that the printing press which literally flooded the debt market (more than 4,000 billion dollars in the United States) did not spare the euro since in 2017, the debt of the European Central Bank (ECB ) exceeded that of the FED with 4.157 billion euros, or more than 4.568 billion dollars, thus becoming, after China, the largest issuer of money in the world. Why ?

Quite simply because since March 2015 the institution has decided to buy 60 billion euros worth of assets per month from international banks holding the debt of European states. Volume increased to 80 billion in March 2016 before returning to 60 billion in 2017.
Here again by printing euros, without guarantee since the recovery of the economy in the euro zone is far from being able to integrate the printing of so many billions of euros.
Europe has therefore followed the process of headlong rush initiated in the United States by the FED. And what other choice did she have?
But today, everyone knows that the increase in this debt, which reached 4,427.5 billion euros, or 41% of the GDP of the euro zone at the time of the balance sheet in November 2017, did not succeed in reviving stable growth. based on a sustainable economy, since European GDP has obviously not increased by 41% in 3 years!!
This means that European economic growth is simply money supply growth, not normal, healthy economic growth.
Thus with the economic war started by the USA and the programmed collapse of the dollar, therefore the crash to come, the debt should be more than 230,000 billion dollars, i.e. more than double that in 2008, but with an additional ” disaster plan” in the more or less long term considering the crash as an ultimately profitable solution for the indebted states and the banks that will have been able to prepare for it.
In other words, at the expense of both small investors and national economies, and therefore taxpayers…
So there would be little more than China with its 3,200 billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves in all currencies and Germany, with its public surplus, which could weather the storm.
For the others, that is to say almost everyone, it would not be possible to restart the machine.

This explains why, in its October 2017 report, the IMF predicted for 2020 a rapid rise in interest rates, a 15% fall in the markets and a 7% decline in real estate prices. So global production down 1.7% on average. “The intensity of the shock is equal to a third of that recorded in 2008. Everyone can imagine the disaster if by chance the markets unscrew more significantly. »
And of course everyone knows that these markets WILL unscrew since the debt has increased out of control…

Moreover, even if the Dow Jones has been rising for 8 and a half years, going from 6,000 to 25,000 points. Or 400% increase, again. But here again we blithely “forget” the lessons of history which reminds us that the longest stock market rise in history lasted only nine years, between 1920 and 1929…

Thus, if we are to believe the most basic logic, it would therefore be a question of getting rid of, in the very near future in view of what is being prepared, approximately 2 quadrillion dollars of debts, unfunded liabilities, and derived products.
Which means 29 times the world’s GDP. In two words: The end of the financial system as we know it, since paper money, not being supported by any concrete standard, would be returned to its initial value: A piece of paper.
And one imagines the crowds gathering in panic in front of closed banks, or empty ATMs, to claim not their savings, i.e. a lifetime of work, but just a few pennies, in order to survive.
This helps to understand why today people are trying to persuade us to get rid of physical money, to use only virtual currency.
You might as well avoid these painful scenes, and unnecessary deforestation…

Fortunately, we are reassured! Such a disaster would really only affect the poorest, since the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) came into force on January 1, 2016 and was unanimously ratified by all governments and parliaments. members of the OECD, allowing bankrupt banks to settle their debts by legally taking over the bank deposits of its savers, was capped at 100,000 euros!

The problem obviously being that if the banks go bankrupt, 100,000 euros will not be worth much…

Another “happy” consequence: The implosion of debt and assets would lead to the largest transfer of wealth in history: The middle-rich would lose everything, while the poorest would lose only their debts. Thus, in this general misery, only the richest would come out of it. Which unfortunately would not go without posing some problems here again because if today one in ten people in the world live on less than 2 dollars a day, Bill Gates, the world’s first fortune, and even if he continues to distribute his wealth as generously as he has for some years, pays out a million dollars a day for 2738 years to spend the 1000 billion dollars he should have if he lives to be 85.
Which should even give him the possibility of withdrawing to Mars with his whole family, in the event of a world conflict…

Because make no mistake, this is what threatens us

Especially if we integrate into these highly threatening data, the consequences of global warming and massive population exoduses, and therefore the series of conflicts, revolutions and humanitarian disasters of all kinds that these will cause.
Diverse and varied upheavals that will push, because here we are no longer in the field of foresight but of certainty, each state of influence, thinking above all of its survival, to defend its particular interests by force.
And we understand that in recent years the military budgets of the richest states have literally exploded, since in 2015 military spending in the world, which until now had stagnated, rose to 1676 billion dollars, or 2.3% of GNP world, registering a one percent increase in one year and that these do not stop increasing, with at the head of the biggest buyers: The United States with 36% of world military expenditure (612.5 billion dollars and 7 500 nuclear warheads), China, the second largest defense budget, which between 2006 and 2015 multiplied by 132 its budget (215 billion dollars and 300 warheads). Russia with 76 billion and 8,500 nuclear warheads. But also the European Union, which has planned to increase its budget by 8.6% from 2016.

And why spend so much money on weapons, if not for the purpose of using them one day?…

A proposal which is undoubtedly not beyond the understanding of a Trump, who could thus try to impose by arms the American hegemonic will on the world, in order to compensate for the loss of economic power, and therefore political , greenback.
Because who does not know that a “good war” will always remain a magic lever to regain a popularity rating in danger after a monetary collapse?
Besides, isn’t this how Roosevelt and Wall Street reboosted the American economy by unleashing the Second World War after the crisis of 1929?

Conclusion :

Knowing, as Reuters in London published in February 2021 that: “Aid linked to the pandemic created 24,000 billion dollars of additional debt last year, bringing global debt to a record level of 281,000 billion dollars (233.330 billion euros) and the global debt/GDP ratio at more than 355%, according to a study. ” Phaminous figures that the Institute of International Finance (IIF), supplemented by specifying that the state support programs contributed half to this increase, while companies, banks and households around the world added respectively 5,400, 3,900 and 2.6 trillion dollars. Which means global debt has increased by 35 percentage points. That it is more than 355% of GDP, and that this increase is 10 points higher than in 2008 and 15 points higher than in 2009. All that remains is to draw the expected conclusion: The expected debt for 2019 which was initially not to exceed by 2020: “230,000 billion dollars, more than double that in 2008” is at the time of writing this article in February 2021 of 281,000 billion dollars”. And in this case, explain to me how to bring it down other than by provoking when the time comes, that is to say once the big international black capital has been able to protect its assets, this great world crash which should put an end to this mad race, by destroying the savings of the Peoples?


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Why this massive amnesia?

Amnésie massive

Why this massive amnesia?

The parallels to be drawn between the global geopolitical situation at the start of the 21st century and that of 1927, on the eve of the great stock market crash of 1929, are so obvious that one can only be surprised that the Peoples are not more informed.

Unless, of course, this kind of evidence is simply hidden “for their greater good”. After all, aren’t they “too immature” to be informed of certain realities?

In reality, it is under this persistent pretext that, for centuries, opinions have been manipulated and that economic crises have been able to lead to the wars that we know.
Also, it is probably worth recalling that those who were its instruments were the first to boast of it:

The drug of oblivion

Here is what Goering and Goebbels said during the Nuremberg Trials:
Göring: “People can always be trained on orders from the rulers. It’s easy. All you have to do is tell them they are under attack, and denounce the pacifists for their lack of patriotism and the fact that they put the country in danger. It always works the same in all countries.
Goebbels: “The most brilliant propaganda technique will have no success unless there is one fundamental principle which must be constantly kept in mind – you must limit yourself to a few points and repeat them over and over again.
It becomes in fact of vital importance for the State to use all its powers to suppress dissent, so true is it that truth is the mortal enemy of falsehood, and that by extension truth is the greatest enemy. of State. »
Göring: “Of course people don’t want war. Why would some poor guy on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can do is get back to his farm in one piece?
Of course, ordinary people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. It is very clear. But, after all, it is the rulers of the country who set the policy and it is always an elementary matter to lead the people, whether in a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or parliament, or a communist dictatorship. »

And who today can deny that the Peoples of the world remain subject to this unwritten law?

So the question is, why don’t they open their eyes?

Response from Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “We are not mistaken because the truth is hard to see. It is visible at first glance. We deceive ourselves because lying is more comfortable. »
And three hundred years before him, that of Diderot: “We greedily swallow any lie that flatters us, but only drink drop by drop, if at all, the truth that we find bitter. »

And why is the family secrecy enforced by so-called “democratic” states about French military betrayal so sweet, and the truth so uncomfortable?

Quite simply, because it has been adopted by the whole world and has become the basis of all our thoughts.
Better ! It has become part of ourselves, since all our moral choices are based on the conception of the struggle of the forces of Good against those of Evil. Those of Evil systematically representing “the enemy”, to which the same principles are of course inculcated…

The initial lie therefore becomes “my lie”, and even our lie, the one that binds our societies together.
This is why, by attacking him, the Revisionist Historian calls into question our vision of the world and the way in which we perceive its rules, therefore our most intimate, most structured personality.
And we will fight, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes in spite of the most elementary common sense, so that this lie remains our reality.

“Gott ist mit uns”

Moreover, the same so-called “democratic” societies have inherited the sad habit of reinforcing their power by a sort of alliance with the divine concept, since God is supposed to grant victory to each camp in order to defend The One Truth.

Finally, if we add to this the authority represented by an elected government, the army or the law, to attack these fundamentals is, in the oedipal context, to question the authority of the protective father!

And how could one resist such pressures?

So, even though many of us are aware of the problem, it is not easy to admit that we have been fooled. Especially since another negative feeling is added to it: The instinctive disgust of lies.

This is why only the historical truth duly taught to the younger generations by historians and researchers working only on archives, and above all far from any political consideration, will allow them to distinguish the different meanings attributed to the words “democracy” or “freedom”, and will remind them that if the truth can hurt, the lie kills for sure…

Because the big question, in fact the only important one today for our children, is whether Memory is a common heritage, whether, one and indivisible, it belongs uniquely to each inhabitant of this planet, who, at birth, would receive in sharing the inalienable right to have access to the History of a world built by his ancestors, to count as such each drop of sweat and blood shed by his family.
And if it really is a right, lying to him would be a crime. Or if the human should be considered as an instrument of production, coming into the world without this heritage, and dying without transmitting it?

This is what you will have to decide, before giving yourself the material means to act.

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One thing, only one, harms the planet and the People: The lie.

Without truth, they have no power over their destiny. This is what needs to be changed.

Indeed, to accept that the lies of States continue in the same mode, is to renounce to exercise all control over the men of the “establishment”.

On the contrary, reclaiming the experiences of the past is not only opening up the right to demand absolute transparency on the major decisions involving the different countries, but also the participation of the representatives of the Peoples in their elaboration.

Once this evidence is well understood, we can all act together to influence the “Powerful”, because each decision taken over the next few years will be crucial for the future of Humanity.

And the question will arise: Are we going to continue on the same mode of “growth at all costs. When we know perfectly well that this was the mainspring of the powerful mechanism that brought about so much destruction during the 20th century?

Or will we prefer to change our mode of operation by eliminating from our reasoning the principles of competition and conquest, of limitless growth, in order to replace them with those of sound management of technological achievements, and cooperation between Peoples?

A dream now within our reach thanks to new means of communication, and since the legitimacy of deciding the future of our societies has changed sides.

You will soon find on this site the links allowing you to contact the partner associations, which will dream this ideal world with you.

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