One thing, only one, harms the planet and the People: The lie.

Without truth, they have no power over their destiny. This is what needs to be changed.

Indeed, to accept that the lies of States continue in the same mode, is to renounce to exercise all control over the men of the “establishment”.

On the contrary, reclaiming the experiences of the past is not only opening up the right to demand absolute transparency on the major decisions involving the different countries, but also the participation of the representatives of the Peoples in their elaboration.

Once this evidence is well understood, we can all act together to influence the “Powerful”, because each decision taken over the next few years will be crucial for the future of Humanity.

And the question will arise: Are we going to continue on the same mode of “growth at all costs. When we know perfectly well that this was the mainspring of the powerful mechanism that brought about so much destruction during the 20th century?

Or will we prefer to change our mode of operation by eliminating from our reasoning the principles of competition and conquest, of limitless growth, in order to replace them with those of sound management of technological achievements, and cooperation between Peoples?

A dream now within our reach thanks to new means of communication, and since the legitimacy of deciding the future of our societies has changed sides.

You will soon find on this site the links allowing you to contact the partner associations, which will dream this ideal world with you.

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