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Angry Historians rely on two findings. On the one hand, the wars of the 20th century alone caused the death of two hundred and thirty-one million human beings. On the other hand, these various conflicts have never been decided for “the good of the Peoples”, nor to “conquer the powers of Evil”, or even to “defend Civilization”.


Information is blocked. Everyone knows it, everyone complains about it, and nothing changes. Why ?

All the conflicts, without the slightest exception, were the direct consequence of the policy pursued by certain large stateless global trusts, arms dealers, tax evaders and instigators of wars and revolutions of all kinds. Their representatives funded and then manipulated the most influential politicians, such as Hitler, Roosevelt, Chamberlain, Stalin and many others, in order to obtain maximum personal enrichment.

This is what the archives and the most prestigious academics teach us, and what, at the same time, the general public continues to ignore.

Either the “conspiracy theory” in its fullest acceptance, but about which we can demonstrate today that it is no longer a “theory”.

“The first victim of a war is the truth.”

Hiram Johnson

Information concealed for eighty years and today finally within everyone’s reach, since the works dealing with the French military betrayal of May 1940 and the “family plot” (in the plural) which accompanied it are available at the sale.

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Misinformation still current

France remains one of the countries most affected by the silence imposed on the media. Why ?

Quite simply because since the opening of the archives of the Battle of France in the early 2000s, historians have provided evidence that a military betrayal and a politico-financial conspiracy had opened the door to the German Panzerdivisions, in May- June 1940. And this primordial datum completely changes not only the history of this battle but that of the 20th century, because without this betrayal, Hitler would have been defeated on the Meuse. Which logically implies that World War II, like the Cold War, would not have happened.

Humanity would thus have saved massive destruction throughout the world, the looting of an entire continent, and more than two hundred and thirty-one million victims.

Which is not nothing…

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